FAQS for ProTouch Golf


Do you have left-handed clubs?

Yes we do!  Just select Left Handed and then add to Cart.


Do you offer Ladies wedges?

Yes we do!  Ladies wedges are shorter and have a smaller grip.


Are these club legal?

Yes, they conform to USGA rules.


What kind of shaft?

We use a standard steel shaft designed for wedges.


Can I order a different shaft?

Not at this time.


Can I order different (bigger/smaller) grip?

Not at this time.


Can I order a different degree wedge?

Not at this time. We do plan to offer a 52 gap wedge and a 60 lob wedge in the future.


What is the Shipping Cost?

Shipping and Handling cost in the US is a flat rate of $29.95. The clubs are shipped via UPS.