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Conforms to USGA RULES

The patented sole design on the ProTouch Wedge is legal for play in all sanctioned PGA events. It has four channels or grooves running perpendicular to the leading edge through the back of the bounce.

The Sole Channels Do 4 Things:

1) Reduced Resistance at Impact (RRI) means that the ball remains on the face longer, as the club slides under the ball, making "touch" shots much easier

2) Infinity Bounce means the clubhead sole/bounce will adapt and adjust to all kinds of different conditions (from fluffy sand to wet sand, even in hard dirt)

3) Guide Rails help keep the club head on the correct swing path 

4) Normal Swing: Because the Sole Channels slide under the ball, you can now take a "conventional" pitch shot swing, i.e. square face and square stance

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